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Warehouse 1
No. 65, Jalan Ecoperniagaan 3, Taman Kota Masai, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.

Warehouse 2
No. 12, 14, 16, 18 & 20, Jalan Tembikai 3, Taman Kota Masai, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia.

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450mm x 1kg Crystal Wrap Aluminium Foil

450mm Crystal Wrap Aluminium Foil

300mm Crystal Wrap Aluminum Foil


Aluminium Foil Tray w/Lid 4602

Aluminium Foil Tray w/Lid 3417

Aluminium Foil Tray w/Lid 4203

Aluminium Foil Tray w/Lid 4330

Tako Container


100m x 450mm Baking Paper Roll

30cm x 5m Baking Paper Roll


Panda Chopsticks

Bamboo Toothpick

12" 3.0mm Bamboo Skewer (500gm)

10" 3.0mm Bamboo Skewer (500gm)

CrystalWrap Film (Food Wrapping)

Crystal Wrap Catering Film (450mm)

Crystal Wrap Catering Film (300mm)

300mm x 80m Crystal Wrap Cling Film

HM T Bag - Cap Lori

HDPE Double Cup Holder

4-Cup Carrier

2-Cup Carrier

7'' PS Fork (Transparent)

7" PS Spoon (Transparent)

Chinese Spoon Cap Lori 80s' (Transparent Green)

7" Plastic Knife

5.5" Doyley Paper

4.5" Doyley Paper

3.5" Doyley Paper

8.5" Doyley paper

3-Ply KBM Face Mask

3-Ply KBM Face Mask with Tie

3-Ply Child Face Mask

3-Ply Benxon Medical Face Mask

EC-1000 Foaming Rect Container

EC-750 Foaming Rect Container

EC-650 Foaming Rect Container

MTP-230T 8oz PP Container

47cm x 54cm Domestic Bin Bag

36x48 Thick Garbage Bag

26x33 JP Thick Garbage Bag

32x40 JCP Garbage Bag

Swiss Bear Spicy Korean BBQ Sauce

Swiss Bear Nachos Cheese

BonChef Fried Chicken Coating Mix (Original)

BonChef Fried Chicken Coating Mix (Hot & Spicy)

CPE Hand Gloves (Size:L)

CPE Hand Gloves (Size:M)

Black Nitrile Glove

CrystalWrap Nitrile Glove (Size:L)

Hawker Paper "D" Twin-Dolphin

Hawker Paper "C" Twin-Dolphin

Hawker Paper "A" Dolphin (100's)

Hawker Paper ''D'' Dolphin (100's)

9x12 HDPE String Bag

6x9 HDPE String Bag

5x8 HDPE String Bag

8x9 HDPE String Bag

HM Bag 4.5x10 (1KG)

HM Bag 4.5x12 (1KG)

8x12" HM Bag (1KG)

7x10" HM Bag (1KG)

5x10" Kopi Bag/Ice Bag

4.5x9'' Kopi Bag/Ice Bag






6S Paper Bag - Cap Horse

5S Paper Bag - Cap Sampan

4S Paper Bag - Cap Sampan


1150cc Paper Bowl (Kraft Brown)

1000cc Paper Bowl (Kraft Brown)

850cc Paper Bowl (Kraft Brown)

520cc Paper Bowl

5oz Paper Ice Cream Cup

90mm Flat Lid (White)

16oz Paper Cup (Printed)

80mm Flat Lid (White)



Kraft Window Lunch Box (L) Brown

2-Compartment Lunch Box (M) Brown

B18 500ml Square Bottle W/Black Cap

DF23 450ml Square Bottle W/White Cap

DF23 450ml Square Bottle W/Yellow Cap

B68 400ml Bottle W/Black Cap

HQ1000 SQJ8 PET Cont. (Black)

HQ650 SQJ8 PET Cont. (Black)

HQ800 SQJ8 PET Cont. (Black)

HQ1000 RSJ8 PET Cont. (Black)

LDPE Zipper bag

Courier Bag

OOZ Stand Bag With Ziplock

MOZ stand bag (White/Gold)

7" PP Bowl

6" PP Bowl

5" PP Bowl

4" PP Bowl

Y-700 PP Cup (Flat Lid)

Y-700 PP Cup (Dome Lid)

PP-700 Cup (Flat Lid)

PP-700 Cup (Dome Lid)

MW R-30 Round Cont.

MW R-25 Round Cont.

MW R-20 Round Cont.

MW R-16 Round Cont.

TPI-100 PP Lunch Box

TPI-200 PP Lunch Box

TTB-7 Black 4 Compartment Lunch Box

TTB-4 Black 3 Compartment Lunch Box

BX-04 Chili Plate 500's

10" PP Plate

9" PP Plate

7" PP Plate

Raffia String (Big)

Raffia String (Small)


(Gred A) Rubber Band - Yellow

(Gred B) Rubber Band - Orange






Jumbo roll tissue

CR 50GM Serviette/Tissue (Pink)

CR 50GM Serviette/Tissue (White)

CR 100GM Serviette

12*20" PP Singlet Bag (Transparent)

9*18" PP Singlet Bag (Transparent)

8*16" PP Singlet Bag (Transparent)

6*14'' PP Singlet Bag (Transparent)

Artistic Straw (100's)

9" Giant Straw Sharp (Black)

7" Giant Straw Sharp (Black)

Short Economy Straw (Black)

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